Content Distribution

Content meets Distribution with Sideline

Content + Distribution = Sideline Design

What is it?

Content Distribution within Sideline Design allows coaches and staff to automate their direct outreach by not only letting them send a personalized graphic to each recipient (ie., recruit, donor, fan stakeholder), but also allowing them to personalize the message with any filter of information. Each recipient can receive a custom graphic with their info and a custom message tailored to them with just one click and no leg work.

Why did we add this feature?

Put was requested and came up in a lot of conversations from programs who were already batch producing graphics to send to recruits. The time coaches spend weekly just sending out one message to their recruiting lists was taking them 2-3 hours each time. Most cases were over 10 hours a week spent just in messaging.

How does it work?

It's simple. You select the fields you want to customize for each recipient, type your message, and hit send or schedule.

What if I want to manage responses?

No problem! You can either manage your responses from your recipients in the Sideline dashboard or the native Sideline mobile app available in the app store. Additionally, if you choose to distribute through iMessage you can install the Sideline app directly in your iMessage apps and manage from there as well.

What if I want to send a message with no graphic or just a regular picture?

Absolutely! Direct from Sideline you can utilize this exact same batch process without needing to select a graphic or choosing a generic image from your device and have all of the same customizable message perks Sideline brings.

What about managing my data?

We give you the ability to manage your data in Sideline dynamically so you can use all of the advanced filtering options to send the most tailored message to specific groups. We can also work with any API of where you receive your data to import to your Sideline account for use.

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